PeerGC aims to provide a platform for peer to peer guidance counseling for high school students in communities underserved by existing college guidance resources.

PeerGC works by offering volunteering and community service opportunities to college students, who provide guidance assistance to high school students similar to themselves.

High school students and college students simply answer a series of simple questions, and our proprietary matching algorithm will try to match each and every high school student in need with the most appropriate mentor.

Students and mentors can view each other's profiles and message each other. More functionality to come.

PeerGC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and part of the Google for Nonprofits program. We are currently alpha testing our apps and services.

See PeerGC in action and learn more about it here.

How Does It Work?


Are you a student or a mentor?

Do you need help or do you want to help?

How Do You Want To Sign In?

We currently support signing in with email and with Google.

Mentors must have .edu email addresses. We verify this.

Answer A Few Basic Questions.

We ask you a series of basic questions.

These will form your profile and allow our algorithms to match you with the optimal set of peers.

An example question can be seen in the image.

Get Matched.

Let our algorithms do the heavy lifting over at Google Cloud Platform.

PeerGC will attempt to match you to the best possible peers.

Welcome Home.

This is the PeerGC home screen. 

You can swipe through your matched peers located on the cards.

For each peer—after they have been "added"—you can either message them, or view their full profile.

A partial profile is also available right on the peer card.

You can also log out from here.


You can message all of your added peers by tapping message.

Multimedia support in the future.

Full Profile View.

Learn all about your peers. They're probably pretty similar to yourself. 

Your profile is only visible to peers that we match with you. It is not public.

PeerGC is currently alpha testing. More to come!