MaskML is an iOS and ipadOS app that utilizes computer vision and machine learning—taking advantage of Apple's neural engine—to locate and classify human faces that are or are not wearing masks.

MaskML unfortunately cannot currently be published on the app store as Apple rejects any apps from their store that are pandemic-themed in any way, in an effort to prevent misinformation and capitalization upon a global health crisis.

MaskML was originally created as an extension of a robotics project, with the intention being to create a robot that could automatically roam hallways and enforce mask mandates using computer vision and machine learning.

See MaskML in action and learn more about it here.


Detect Masked Faces

MaskML can detect masked faces, even in strange lighting conditions, at long ranges, and at unusual angles, as seen in the image. 

MaskML is designed to work best at a range of further than 1.5 meters from the camera lens.

Detect Un-Masked Faces

Yeah it does this too.

MaskML In Action

Future Robotics Deployment of MaskML